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Hi, thank you for visiting Moroni's Latter-Day Saint Page. This page is dedicated to expounding the core beliefs, history, and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons, LDS Church, Latter-day Saints, etc) — my religion by choice and testimony.

My intent is to give people a better, and more accurate, understanding of the restored church of Jesus Christ. My hope is that this collection of articles, essays, perspectives, histories, artwork, talks, testimonies and photos will be informative and inspiring to the viewer. Each feature should establish and reinforce to the reader of my testimony that Jesus is The Christ, that Joseph Smith was His prophet, and that Russell M. Nelson is the Prophet that holds all the keys to Christ's Priesthood on the Earth today. If people believe, come to believe, or don't believe but gain an outside appreciation for this faith tradition then that's great! If not, then that's fine too. I'd rather have someone disagree with the LDS Church based on a correct understanding of our principles instead of opposition based on foolish notions, mischaracterizations or outright nonsense.

Please enjoy your time on my site, and come back to visit again. I add new content from time to time.

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teachings and testimonies of jesus christ main pageJesus Christ:
The Son of God

View Jesus Christ's words from the scriptures, stories teaching about The Savior of the world, signs of the Second Coming, The First Vision, video depictions from Jesus' mortal ministry, testimonies of His Divinity and resurrection by His modern prophets and apostles, and more.

Inside Mormon Church TemplesMormon Church Temples:
A Look Inside

Take a pictorial tour of the interiors of some of the temples of the LDS Church; including Salt Lake, Washington D.C., San Diego and some international temples. See the baptistry, sealing, endowment, celestial and other rooms in the temple. Read about each rooms' function, learn some of their symbolism, and watch some videos that teach more about the purpose of LDS temples. Learn what the symbols on the Salt Lake Temple mean. See before and after pictures of the renovated Ogden Temple.

Information about LDS Church<br> Prophets and ApostlesAll About The
LDS Prophets and Apostles

A collection of stories, trivia & teachings regarding the presidents and apostles of The LDS Church. See pictures of the homes and the graves of church presidents, and read their first and last General Conference talks. See a list of all the apostles of Jesus Christ in this dispensation. Read about The First Vision and 101 reasons to believe Joseph Smith. Check out bios of the current members of the Quorum of The Twelve, and other information.

Special Features and Commentary on LDS Church BeliefsSpecial Features and Commentary
on LDS Church Beliefs

Read about various aspects of LDS Church doctrines and beliefs. Such as; testimonies of Christ, belief in modern prophets, bible references to LDS Church core doctrines, corroborating evidence for the Book of Mormon,and about reasons why I choose to believe the unbelievable. There's also a graphics page that lists the artwork used on this site.

The Scriptures: Teachings and InsightsInformation On
The Scriptures

Read the full text of The Bible, Book of Mormon and other scriptures online. Learn about unique Mormon Church beliefs taught in the Bible. There are also evidences for The Book of Mormon, the articles of faith, a list of the lost books of the Bible, perspectives on scriptural symbolism, and other facts about the scriptures.

Stories Teaching LDS Gospel PrinciplesStories Teaching LDS Church
Gospel Principles

Read a collection of stories, allegories, anecdotes and personal accounts that teach basic LDS gospel principles and doctrines, such as faith in Jesus Christ and redemption through Him, morality, helping the needy, respecting God's gifts to us, and the priesthood. There are also some faith promoting stories.

LDS Church History: Facts, Trivia and StoriesLDS Church History:
Facts, Trivia and Stories

Learn about the history and foundational beliefs of the LDS Church. Read some of my favorite events and stories from Mormon history told by the people who lived them. Check out some of President Hinckley's notable conference talks. See pictures of the homes of LDS Church Presidents, and their graves. Read Joseph Smith give an account of his First Vision in The Wentworth Letter.