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"The men ought to be more fatherly at home, possessing finer feelings in reference to their wives and children, neighbors and friends, more kindly and godlike. When I go into a family I do admire to see the head of that family administering to it as a man of God, kind and gentle, filled with the Holy Ghost and with the wisdom and understanding of heaven. Men and women can increase their spiritual knowledge."

Lorenzo Snow
President Lorenzo Snow



Houses of Lorenzo Snow

These pictures show some of the houses that Lorenzo Snow had lived in during his calling as an Apostle and LDS Church President. Lorenzo Snow received a college degree and earned a living as a school teacher. He was ordained an Apostle in Salt Lake in 1849, making him the first Church President that hadn't been originally ordained an apostle by Joseph Smith. He was sustained as Church President on September 13, 1898.

Lorenzo Snow's Brigham City, Utah Home and Hotel

Brigham City, Utah Circa 1850's

Lorenzo Snow founded Brigham City in 1853. He and his wives lived in and operated this hotel.

Lorenzo Snow's Early Salt Lake Home

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lorenzo Snow didn't spend a lot of time living at any of his homes. He was continually being sent on missions, serving in England, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Hawaii (then called The Sandwich Islands), among others.

Lorenzo Snow's Later Salt Lake City, Utah Home

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lorenzo Snow likely lived here while he worked as president of the Salt Lake City Temple.

Lorenzo Snow Salt Lake City, Utah

67 East South Temple - The Beehive House
Salt Lake City, Utah

Lorenzo Snow and his family lived in Brigham Young's Beehive House after being sustained President of the Church in 1898, following the death of Wilford Woodruff.

Lorenzo Snow's presidency is notable for dealing with the post polygamy fallout, his vision of Jesus Christ in the Salt Lake Temple, setting the foundation for the church's young men and women's program, and for pulling the church out of a financial crisis.