"For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."

Romans 15:4
Nauvoo Circa 1845

Some of My Favorite Histories about
Latter Day Saints and Church Leaders

These historical accounts of the members and leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are some that I enjoy and feel like sharing. To me each story reflects the faith, humanity, struggles, devotion, shortcomings, and hope of a people who are striving to live the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope this page reflects what I like most about Mormon Church history; which is that divine blessings, miracles and experiences weren't exclusive to Joseph Smith. Other church leaders and regular rank-in-file members also had their own sacred stories and inspiring moments that testify to them that there is a God, The Eternal Father, and that Jesus is the Living Christ. I'll be adding more entries from time to time, so please check back occasionally.

Joseph Smith is unable to translate the plates until he apologizes to Emma.

Martin Harris plays a trick on Joseph Smith to see if he's really translating.

Accounts of when the 3 witnesses saw the golden plates.

Oliver Cowdery has his testimony of the plates challenged in court.

John Rigdon asks his dad, Sydney Rigdon, if he wrote the Book of Mormon.

Elizabeth and Newell Whitney meet Joseph Smith, fulfilling a revelation they received.

Hostile police constables sent to arrest Joseph Smith turn from foe to friend.

Lucy Mack Smith faces a rude Presbyterian Minister, and makes a prediction.

Joseph Smith's prophecy that within 40 days the stars would fall from heaven.

John Taylor defends Joseph Smith when Parley Pratt turns against him.

General Doniphan refuses the order to execute Joseph Smith in the town square.

Joseph Smith strongly rebukes jail guards who were threatening Mormon women.

Joseph Smith's prophecy that an elder would preach in hostile Jackson County.

Alexander McRae writes about his experiences with Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail.

Theodore Turley challenges John Whitmer to defend his testimony to a belligerent mob.

Brigham Young and the apostles meet in Far West to fulfill Joseph Smith's revelation.

Joseph Smith relieved after presenting the temple ordinances to the apostles.

Joseph Smith predicts the church's move without him to the Rocky Mountains, and its growth.

"Two Minutes in Jail", Willard Richards' first hand account of the martyrdom at Carthage.

Joseph Smith's prophecy that Willard Richard would survive at Carthage.

Josiah Quincy writes of his trip to Nauvoo, and his impressions of Joseph Smith.

Russian author, Leo Tolstoy, gives his throughts on The Church's future.

Vilate Kimball receives a revelation about plural marriage.

Alfred Young receives a vision of Heavenly Father and Jesus in the Celestial Kingdom.

Benjamin Brown receives a vision about the golden plates, and has other miracles.

The trials of handcart pioneers, and a testimony of angels pushing along.

Pioneer, Mary Fielding Smith has prayers answered and bests a rude wagonmaster.

Thomas and Mary Thomas convert to the LDS church, and have trials of faith.

Brigham Young has visions of, and speaks with, Joseph Smith after his death.

Brigham Young talks about his vision of the Salt Lake Temple, and future temples.

Prescindia Huntington, and others, write of miracles in The Kirtland Temple.

Logan Temple President, Marriner W. Merrill, has a confrontation with Satan.

Lorenzo Snow has a vision of Jesus Christ, after praying in the Salt Lake Temple.

Wilford Woodruff, and other apostles, are attacked by devils on mission in London.

Wilford Woodruff has a vision of Joseph Smith working in the spirit world.

Wilford Woodruff rejects advice and stands by his revelation to start sugar company.

Spencer Kimball helps an at-risk pregnant mother in an airport.

Spencer Kimball surprises Les Dunn by calling him to be a new stake patriarch.

Spencer Kimball corrects a hospital orderly that took the name of God in vain.

Spencer Kimball declares that he holds the keys to the priesthood.