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"Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him."

Acts 28:31

Joseph Fulfills His Prophecy by Preaching in Jackson County, Missouri


Despite death threats to any Mormon that entered Jackson County, Joseph had predicted that an elder would preach there before the end of 1838. Parley Pratt writes of an event that happened while he, Joseph Smith, and the other prisoners of the Missouri Militia were being transported to Independence, Missouri.


"Next morning being Sunday, we were visited by some gentlemen and ladies. One of the women came up and very candidly inquired of the troops, which of the prisoners was the Lord whom the Mormons worshiped? One of the guard pointed to Mr. Smith, with a significant smile, and said this is he.

The woman then turning to Mr. Smith, inquired whether he professed to be the Lord and Savior? Do not smile gentle reader, at the ignorance of these poor innocent creatures, who are thus kept under, and made to believe such absurdities by their men, and by their lying priests.

Mr. Smith replied, that he professed to be nothing but a man, and a minister of salvation sent by Jesus Christ to preach the gospel. This answer so surprised the woman, that she began to inquire into our doctrine; and Mr. Smith preached a discourse both to her and her companions, and to the wondering soldiers, who listened with almost breathless attention, while he set forth the doctrine of faith in Jesus Christ, and repentance and baptism for remission of sins, with the promise of the Holy Ghost, as recorded in the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.

The woman was satisfied, and praised God in the hearing of the soldiers, and went away praying aloud that God would protect and deliver us. This fulfilled a prophecy by the Prophet made early in the year 1838, which had been spoken publicly by Mr. Smith, a few months previous when the life of a member of the Church would have been forfeited had he appeared in Jackson County. For he had prophesied that a sermon should be preached in Jackson County, by one of our elders, before the close of 1838."



Parley Pratt "History of Persecution", 1839